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New zip line tour to add 'wow' to Marshall County's Grand Vue Park

Zip line canopy tours are coming to Marshall County’s Grand Vue Park, which is being rebranded as one of West Virginia’s newest outdoor adventure destinations.

Park Manager Craig White said the attraction, set to open in May, features eight dual lines ranging from 340 feet to 2,200 feet, "so we’re looking at over five miles of cable." Riders will be "harnessed in all the time, in a lounge-chair type harness rather than dangling down."

"The tour will have two suspension bridges, and throughout the tour you’ll be going over lots of valleys," he said. "Obviously, we don’t have water here but we have some spectacular views of the city."

White said the park’s zip line will offer both a guided canopy tour and a ride: the guided tour will take about 3.5 hours from start to finish, while the roughly 2,200-foot-long ride takes about 30 minutes. Both will provide guests a view of the valley that they can’t get from the ground.

"We have a little 650 acre park here, but it is something I think will be a good draw for the area," he said. "We already have the former West Virginia penitentiary, which is huge for tourism already, and we have the Marx Toy Museum, the Fostoria Glass Museum, so many things all working together as tourist attractions. We’re trying to give people things to do when they come here. In a 12-mile area, there are tons of things to do. We’re just trying to add to it."

In addition to the zip line rides, White said the park also has six miles of biking trails completed, with more to come, along with a four-mile hiking trail plus offshoots, two disc golf courses — one a Par 3 for families, the other a championship course — and geocaches for GPS scavenger hunts.

The park also offers a 15 point course for orienteering.

"As part of the zip line canopy tour, we’re doing a low elements challenge course … That’s a bunch of team-building type exercises you’d do in a group, maybe 10 or 20 people, and work together to try and get through the different elements," he said. "Look at it through a business standpoint. You can have a business retreat and stay in the cabins one night, have a banquet and the next day do team-building exercises where you learn to work together through the group."

White said the zip line will take park guests "over top of all of those other" attractions, as well as offer guests scenic views of the valley.

"Grandview really didn’t have a brand (before)," White said. "When I got here, we had eight cabins but we really didn’t have a ‘wow’ factor. We branded ourselves last fall as an outdoor adventure park. I think the (zip lines) are going to be our big ‘wow’ factor."

The park also has a new pool with splash ground that opened two years ago, plus a new playground and miniature golf course.

The zip line attraction cost the park about $560,000, White said.

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